March 2019:  On March 25th, we are releasing our second EP, "Under Different Stars".  It will be released on all of the major streaming and digital networks (Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Napster, etc).  We also will have a limited number of real CD's available in early April. 

Band Biography:
Stellarator was formed by Pat Stirrat and Theron Stevenson in late 2017, after Pat and Theron started to collaborate on some songs that Pat was developing. What started as a songwriting collaboration quickly turned into a full band, with the addition of Neel Daniel (bass guitar) & Pete Glase (drums), Pat’s long-time band mates and collaborators. By April 2018 the band was fully formed and started work on their debut EP, Pins & Wires.

Both EPs (2018's Pins & Wires and 2019's Under Different Stars) showcase the band’s melodic indie pop/rock influences and love for strong hooks. For these recordings, we brought in a few guest musicians including John Stirrat (trumpet, bass guitar) & Henry Stirrat (drums, percussion), as well as Ken Stringfellow of Posies/Big Star/REM fame who sang backing vocals and played keys, guitar and percussion on some of the songs.

You can follow us on our Facebook page (, and also by following @StellaratorBand on Instagram & Twitter.

Contact Info:
We would love to hear from you. Please contact us through our social media accounts (@StellaratorBand on Twitter and Instagram, or Or if you prefer e-mail, please send to

June 2018: Stellarator has released their debut EP, "Pins & Wires". You can preview it on the player below, or follow any of the links to listen to it on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, etc. If you like what you hear, please tell your friends! Also, consider purchasing the EP on BandCamp, Amazon or iTunes... :)

Stellarator: "Pins & Wires" Links
Pins & Wires on Spotify
Pins & Wires on iTunes
Pins & Wires on Amazon
Pins & Wires on BandCamp
Pins & Wires on YouTube